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Fixed Deposits Promotions 2014

There was quite a fair bit of interest in my previous post on the POSB 1.5% p.a. savings promotion, so I thought I can update you on some of the other fixed deposit rates right now. Generally, interest rates are slowly creeping up with the end of qualitative easing in the US. These are some […]

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More Bank Security Tokens

Recently, I have started to receive new bank security tokens for internet login verification purposes. Previously, I was using SMS authorization for some of the banks but it looks like the trend now is going towards more of having an unique security token for each bank. So at this point in time now, I have […]

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How to Invest In Gold In Singapore

Some people have asked me what are the different ways to invest in gold in Singapore and also which is the best way. In this gold-related article, I shall list out the ways that an individual can do so along with the pros and cons of each method. This article is meant to be introductory, […]

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Of 50-Year Loans and Instant Loan Approval

Being the first to bring innovation can sometimes have it’s pitfalls. UOB was the first bank to offer a housing loan of up to 50-years tenure last month. They also offered on the spot approval for loan application made at showflats. Shortly after the “instant loan approval” scheme was reported in the newspaper, MAS moved […]

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Cash Withdrawal Using UOB Phone Application

Mobile payment (making payment using handphone) has been a technology that many people were trying to develop and implement for the past few years, but without much success here in Singapore. Sure, the technology is already available, but getting the masses to adopt it is another matter. With smart phones and the ability to download […]

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