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China to Eliminate Financial Scam Advertisements

China has moved in a big way to eliminate financial scam advertisements. Advertisements for a wide variety of products, ranging from wealth management products, loans and real estate to other no-risk high returns schemes such as trees and animals will be targeted. A forceful approach has been taken as financial literacy has generally lagged rising […]

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Fire at China Paper

When I read that a fire at China Paper had destroyed their financial records, I started asking myself many questions. So coincidental, the fire can just burn the financial records and the rest of the premise is unaffected?? So who put out the fire? The fire-brigade or their own staff? If it takes them one hour […]

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Huaxia Minibond Moment Draws Protestors

A default in the repayment of an investment product sold by one of China’s state-owned banks has resulted in disgruntled investors protesting at the bank. So much for being called Wealth Management Products (WMP); I think they are more suitably called wealth destruction products. Huaxia scandal spotlights China’s Ponzi crisis (South China Morning Post) Investment default highlights risks […]

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Muddy Waters Research on Olam

Yesterday, Muddy Waters finally released their research report on Olam. The 133 page Muddy Waters report can be downloaded from here: Initiating Coverage on Olam International Olam has released an announcement this morning refuting Muddy Water’s report. It’s 45 pages long and can be downloaded from here: Olam Dismisses Muddy Waters Report Findings Separately, Carson […]

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Dynasty REIT IPO

Dynasty REIT will be launching their IPO in Singapore. The offer period starts at 9am today until 24 October 2012 at 12pm. The Dynasty REIT IPO will be Singapore’s first RMB-denominated one, and will have both SGD and RMB quotes after listing. This will allow investors to buy the REIT using either Singapore dollar or […]

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