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3 Ways Not to Make Money with Bitcoins

Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are the rage these days. Hardly a day goes by without reading about them in the news or your social media feeds. There are so many articles on bitcoins or other crytocurrencies (for the ease of writing, I will refer to all crytocurrencies as Bitcoins from this point onwards) that I don’t need to repeat […]

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Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange Starts Trading

Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange

Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX), the world’s first commodity exchange for physically settled diamonds, finally started trading last month. The SDiX is a platform for investors to buy diamonds that are GIA-certified. It has UOB Kay Hian as it’s pioneer broker and currently (till end of June 2016) UOB Kay Hian is giving a 10% commission rebate on diamond trades. […]

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Valiant Capital Gold Boss Gone Missing

In yet another case of gold investment fraud here, the owner of a gold buy-back company Valiant Capital, had gone missing for a few months. The Valiant Capital in Singapore is not to be confused with Valiant Capital Partners or Valiant Capital Management, which are hedge fund companies. Valiant Capital operated a similar scheme as what Genneva […]

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The Upcoming Death of Unregulated Investments

About one year after MAS did a public consultation on their proposals to enhance safeguards of some forms of unregulated investments, they have studied the responses and are now ready to put this into law. Retail investors in non-conventional investment products will now be accorded the same regulatory safeguards as investors in capital markets products. This […]

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More Bad News for EcoHouse Investors

Following the news of the closure of the EcoHouse Singapore office, news has emerged that creditors of the UK office will be meeting to do a voluntary wind-up of the company. The meeting of EcoHouse creditors is set to take place next week. Creditors requiring further information may apply to John D Travers & Company, First […]

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