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The Hidden Value of Your Stamp Collection

The other day, my friend was sharing with me a very interesting story. When my friend was younger, he used to collect stamps. Not as a professional stamp collector, but more as a casual hobby – the way kids do. Every stamp he could lay his hands on, he would put them into an album. […]

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UK Land Investments to be Liquidated

On 1st April 2008, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) served a petition to UK Land Investments (UKLI) to cease operations. The hearing date is Monday, May 26, at the Royal Courts of Justice, known as London Companies Court, when the future of the company will be decided. You can view a copy of the liquidation […]

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Wine – A Palatable Investment by Saeed Shah

The first talk at the Smart Expo that I attended was delivered by Saeed Shah, the sales director of Australian Wine Index (AWI). Australian Wine Index is a fine wine broker which sources and purchases fine Australian wine for investors. They will also help to find suitable storage space for your wine, and advise you […]

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Investing in UK Land

You might have found my blog because you were doing further research on this topic. In any investment (especially non-regulated ones), it pays to do your due diligence before you commit any sum of money. Successful investing is all about managing your risks and if you do not know what your risks are, you stand […]

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Jardin Smith International

Last Saturday, I was invited to a exhibition held by Jardin Smith International, a local company that sells UK land to investors in Singapore and other countries. Jardin Smith International holds these kinds of events quite frequently, each time at a different venue. In my case, it was held at Ritz Carlton Hotel. I have […]

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