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Phillip Futures Trading Challenge 2013

Phillip Futures is organizing a trading competition called the Phillip Futures Trading Challenge 2013 which will take place from 1 September 2013 to 30 November 2013. Unlike most of the other competitions in Singapore,  the Phillip Futures Trading Challenge 2013 will be based on the trading of your own personal live account. This means real money and not […]

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How to Invest In Gold In Singapore

Some people have asked me what are the different ways to invest in gold in Singapore and also which is the best way. In this gold-related article, I shall list out the ways that an individual can do so along with the pros and cons of each method. This article is meant to be introductory, […]

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Jim Rogers Review at Shares Investment Conference

Last Saturday, I was at the Shares Investment Conference 2012 held at Suntec which featured Jim Rogers. The event was quite popular and there was still a long queue of people registering at 9am, which was the scheduled start time. We finally managed to start at around 945am, after everyone finally managed to get into […]

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Phillip Singapore Real Estate Income Fund

If you are interested in becoming a Singapore REIT investor but do not have the time or knowledge to do it, you might want to consider investing into a collective instrument that does it for them. At the present moment, we do not really have a ETF that does this, but one unit trust that does […]

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My Visit to Robin Ho’s Futures Trading Course Preview

Last week, I was at a course preview conducted by Robin Ho, one of Philip Capital’s top traders and remisier. At the start of the session, Robin clarified that the title top trader does not mean being the most profitable trader. Rather, it meant the trader who chalked up the most volume of trades, somewhere […]

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