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More Bank Security Tokens

Recently, I have started to receive new bank security tokens for internet login verification purposes. Previously, I was using SMS authorization for some of the banks but it looks like the trend now is going towards more of having an unique security token for each bank. So at this point in time now, I have […]

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OCBC Bank to Issue S$1 Billion Preference Shares

OCBC bank will be issuing S$1 billion worth of preference shares. The non-voting Class M preference shares will pay a semi-annual dividends at the rate of 4% per annum. Investors will want to note that the dividends will be non-cumulative in nature. This means that if OCBC does not pay a dividend for any particular […]

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Launch of OCBC Cashflo Card

OCBC recently launched a credit card with an inbuilt interest-free instalment plan for any purchase, anywhere. This is the first card of its kind in Singapore. A typical credit card only gives you interest-free on your purchases up till your statement due date, after which you will have to settle the outstanding balance in full […]

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Closure of finatiQ

FinatiQ was set up by OCBC Bank in 2000 as Singapore’s first online-only bank account. Back then, it offered superior interest rates compared to normal savings account. I remembered enjoying rates of about 3% on my funds in the account. You could also buy unit trusts online via the platform although somehow, this aspect didn’t […]

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Trade Securities Via OCBC Internet Banking

It appears that OCBC now allows their OCBC Securities customers to trade stocks by using their OCBC internet banking login. This can be done by linking the OCBC bank online account to the OCBC Securities trading account. DBS had done something similar in the past with a linkage which also comes with a cash upfront […]

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