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Valiant Capital Gold Boss Gone Missing

In yet another case of gold investment fraud here, the owner of a gold buy-back company Valiant Capital, had gone missing for a few months. The Valiant Capital in Singapore is not to be confused with Valiant Capital Partners or Valiant Capital Management, which are hedge fund companies. Valiant Capital operated a similar scheme as what Genneva […]

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SG Gold Bites the Dust

It seems that another gold trading company, SG Gold, has collapsed. The slump in gold prices was cited as the reason by SG Gold for their closure. A few hundred clients of SG Gold are affected.  When Genneva Gold closed down previously, SG Gold was one of those companies who offered to bail out the investors. […]

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Time to Tighten Regulations on Alternative Investments

It is time our regulators catch up with the tricks employed by creators of investment scams. Otherwise, anyone can bypass the current regulations and sell investment instruments to the man in the street by using a product X as concealment. X can be gold, silver, cotton, pearl, paintings, wine, land – it can be anything! […]

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Gold Guarantee CAD FAQ

CAD has recently published a FAQ on it’s investigation of The Gold Guarantee. If you were hoping for useful information, unfortunately you are going to be disappointed. The Gold Guarantee FAQ provided by CAD is essentially a cut and paste job of their earlier FAQ on Genneva Gold. The key messages are: Any questions or disputes should […]

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Gold Guarantee and Asia Pacific Bullion Owner Lee Song Teck Missing

It appears that Lee Song Teck, owner of The Gold Guarantee and Asia Pacific Bullion, has gone missing. These two companies operate with a similar ponzi model to Genneva Gold, offering unsustainable cash rebates for gold purchases. They have even been aggressively advertising rescue plans for Genneva Gold customers after they was raided by CAD […]

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