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Launch of TM EarlyCare & EarlyCare Rider

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore had launched their TM EarlyCare plan and EarlyCare rider earlier on the fifteen of this month. As the product name suggests, the new EarlyCare is a comprehensive staged critical illness plan/rider that aims to provide lump sum payout on the diagnosis of any of the covered early stages of dread diseases so […]

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Launch of TM Legacy VIP

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore has launched their latest product, TM Legacy VIP, on 1st December 2011. The difference between TM Legacy VIP and their traditional whole life plan, TM Legacy, is that TM Legacy VIP is designed to be a single premium whole life policy with high death benefit limits (S$3,000,000 for age 1-18, […]

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TM Nest Egg (SP-Guaranteed 5)

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore has launched their TM Nest Egg (SP-Guaranteed 5 Series) on 1st November 2010. TM Nest Egg (SP – Guaranteed 5 Series) is a three-year, non-participating single premium endowment, designed as a savings vehicle to accumulate wealth, while at the same time providing coverage against death, terminal illness (TI) and total […]

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New Chapter for TM Asia Life Singapore

Among the local insurance companies, TM Asia Life Singapore is a company that is less “famous”. One reason is partly because of its small agency force compared to the others. In terms of history, Asia Life actually started out as a general insurer, in 1925. In 1948, Asia Life went into the life business as […]

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Decreasing Term Feature of TM Legacy Plus

Someone asked me about the minimum benefit feature of TM Legacy Plus and why it is considered a decreasing term and not just a normal term. First of all, a decreasing term refers to an insurance plan that has a sum assured that decreases over time. For example, you could have a (straight line depreciation) […]

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