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DBS/POSB Chinese New Year Cash Gift Promotion

Interest rates are creeping up and DBS/POSB is back with another top-up promotion just launched three days ago. They have called it the Chinese New Year Cash Gift Promotion. Simply top-up $1000 to $1,000,000 to your DBS/POSB account from other banks and you will earn 1.88% on that amount. The money that you transfer will […]

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DBS PayLah – Seamless Fund Transfers

DBS PayLah! is a new phone application by DBS that allows you to perform fund transfer easily without the need to know the bank account number of the recipients. How it works is that PayLah! acts as some kind of mobile wallet that is linked with your handphone number and DBS bank account. Your mobile number […]

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More Bank Security Tokens

Recently, I have started to receive new bank security tokens for internet login verification purposes. Previously, I was using SMS authorization for some of the banks but it looks like the trend now is going towards more of having an unique security token for each bank. So at this point in time now, I have […]

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Fraudulent Withdrawals from DBS Accounts

More than $200,000 were illegally withdrawn from some DBS customers this year from ATMs located in Malaysia. Apparently, someone has managed to clone the ATM card details (including the passwords) and made the withdrawals from Malaysia using the cloned cards. Currently, there are about 200 customers affected with an average withdrawal of $1000 per account. […]

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DBS Asset Management Ltd renamed Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited

DBS Asset Management Ltd (“DBSAM/星展资产管理有限公司”) has been renamed to Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited (“Nikko AM Asia/日兴资产管理亚洲有限公司”) with effect from yesterday. The renaming follows Nikko AM’s acquisition of DBSAM from DBS Bank Ltd (“DBS”) on September 30, 2011. As a result, the majority of DBSAM’s funds have been renamed with the prefix “Nikko AM Shenton”. […]

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