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Meet Jim Rogers at InvestGlobal 2015

Gosh, it has been a long time since my last post on the CPF Advisory Panel’s Recommendations. Once you stop writing for a while, it’s hard to overcome the inertia to start writing again. 🙁 Really hope I can start writing regularly again – here’s a quick one on an event called InvestGlobal that is coming up […]

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Jack Schwager Market Wizards Seminar Review

Over the last weekend, Jack Schwager, author of the very famous Market Wizards books, was here in Singapore to conduct a series of seminars. I had the opportunity to attend one of the sessions and would be sharing here some of the ideas that Jack spoke about. For those who do not know, Jack interviewed […]

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Jim Rogers Q and A at Shares Investment Conference

This is a continuation of Jim Rogers Review at Shares Investment Conference. After giving about 40 minutes of his keynote address, Jim Rogers spent the rest of his allocated time answering questions from the audience. The questions came thick and fast with long queues at the microphones. The answers were also lengthy, and the entire […]

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Jim Rogers Review at Shares Investment Conference

Last Saturday, I was at the Shares Investment Conference 2012 held at Suntec which featured Jim Rogers. The event was quite popular and there was still a long queue of people registering at 9am, which was the scheduled start time. We finally managed to start at around 945am, after everyone finally managed to get into […]

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Jim Rogers at Shares Investment Conference

Join Jim Rogers, keynote speaker at this Saturday’s Shares Investment Conference, as he shares how he sees the world in today’s unpredictable and volatile financial markets and what we can do about it. With all the questions on investment and more, hear Jim on where the market is heading and gain trading insights. Mike Bellafiore, […]

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