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Strata Shops and High End Sentosa Cove Properties

Sentosa Cove

What do strata-titled-shops and high end Sentosa Cove properties have in common? Some of their investors are hurting big time. Falling Sentosa Cove Prices According to a Reuters article about Sentosa Cove, property prices on Sentosa Cove have fallen due to distressed sales and many houses are sitting empty. Mortgagee sales have quadrupled to 64 […]

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Property Seminars and Unlicensed Property Agents

When I first read the article “Unlicensed property agent faces charges” that talked about someone selling overseas property without a license from CEA, I wasn’t at all surprised. The usual mode of operation would be to hold a property seminar preview (promoting via advertisements on the Straits Times), sell a property investment course and then in some cases, offer […]

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Soaring Land Prices Suicidal for Developers

An article that I recently read carried this headline “Soaring Land Prices ‘suicidal’ for Land Developers”. The headline was attributed to Kwek Leng Beng, who said last year that our skyrocketing land prices and restrictive rules (e.g. all new homes must be sold within two years of construction) made buying residential land in Singapore “suicidal”. […]

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Has HDB BTO Supply Been Overdone?

The decision to raise the release of new BTO units, at an average of more than 32,000 units per year until 2016, have some predicting a looming public housing oversupply. Should this be a cause for concern? The article below by PropertyGuru does not seem to think so. Personally, I also don’t see it as […]

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MAS Broadens Exemption from TSDR Threshold

After receiving much feedback, MAS has decided to broaden the existing exemption of Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) threshold of 60 per cent for borrowers who bought their property before the TSDR rules were introduced. The exemption takes place with immediate effect. Refinancing of owner-occupied property loans Under the revised rules, a borrower who bought […]

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