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3 Ways Not to Make Money with Bitcoins

Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are the rage these days. Hardly a day goes by without reading about them in the news or your social media feeds. There are so many articles on bitcoins or other crytocurrencies (for the ease of writing, I will refer to all crytocurrencies as Bitcoins from this point onwards) that I don’t need to repeat […]

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2014 Investing and Trading Review – Part 2

It’s already coming to the end of Jan 2015 so I thought I probably write part 2 of my 2014 investing and trading review before we get too far into the year. 🙂 For those who have not read part 1 which talks about some of my investments in 2014,  you can find it here: […]

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Safeguarding Your Money From Forex Casualties

The shocking move by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to abandon their peg has already resulted in some foreign-exchange brokerage casualties. Global Brokers NZ is shutting down, FXCM said clients owe US$225 million on their accounts while IG Group estimated an impact of 30 million pounds. There could be more. Remember MF Global? If you have […]

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EURCHF Carnage as SNF Abandons Euro Floor

Following the decision of Swiss National Bank (SNF) to abandon their 3-year 1.20 Euro currency floor, the value of EUR/CHF collapsed in a matter of minutes. This is how the hourly chart looks like with the low of 0.82 off the charts…. Besides abandoning the floor, the SNF also cut interest rates from -0.25% to -0.75%. SNF apparently […]

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More Fees for Saxo Platform Users

I have always liked the convenience of using Saxo’s trading platform. Saxo provides a multi-purpose platform that supports transactions of equities (both local and overseas), bonds, futures, CFDs, leveraged forex and even forex options. The only common instrument that they do not support are stock options. They allow you to have accounts in multiple currencies and […]

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