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Valiant Capital Gold Boss Gone Missing

In yet another case of gold investment fraud here, the owner of a gold buy-back company Valiant Capital, had gone missing for a few months. The Valiant Capital in Singapore is not to be confused with Valiant Capital Partners or Valiant Capital Management, which are hedge fund companies. Valiant Capital operated a similar scheme as what Genneva […]

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Seven Top Scams in Singapore

Recently, there has been an email impersonation scam involving the Singapore Police Force. How the scam works is that scammers will send emails from the email address [email protected] to various recipients. In the email, a fake officer claiming to be from the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) will inform the recipient that he has committed financial fraud […]

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Lessons We Can Learn from the Sim Lim Square Incident

The story of the week has to be the Sim Lim Square scams. Unless you have not been reading any news in the past week, you would have read about the public fury over the actions of certain retailers in Sim Lim Square. Very seldom have we seen the public so united in their condemnation […]

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Beware of LinkedIn Scams

It seems that scammers can try all sorts of things nowadays. The LinkedIn scam that I’m going to describe is actually not new and used to be sent via emails. What is new is that in order to make the message seem more authentic, it was sent via a LinkedIn message. A few weeks ago, […]

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Sad Story of Goh Kah Keow

Anyone who has read the story about 74 year old Goh Kah Keow must surely have felt a sense of injustice. $400,000 Done in a Day (Straits Times 29th Jun 2014) This is a thrifty elderly cleaner, who had her life savings of $400,000 cheated by a group of con man from China. Even though two […]

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