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Lehman Brothers Announce Voluntary Liquidation

Three and a half years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the respective Boards of Lehman Brothers Pte Ltd (LBPL) and Lehman Brothers Singapore Pte Ltd (LBSPL) have informed the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) that LBPL and LBSPL have been placed under voluntary liquidation. MAS has been informed by LBPL and LBSPL that based […]

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Lehman Hong Kong Minibond Holders to Get Significant Payout

Lehman Brothers Minibond holders in Hong Kong have plenty to cheer about. They (whether young or old, educated or uneducated) have been offered better compensation terms of at least 70% to 93% of their money back, receiver PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP said. After adding in an additional ex gratia payment from banks, the total payout will range […]

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DBS HK Compensates HK$651m to Clients Who Bought Lehman-linked Notes

Hong Kong authorities have come to an agreement with DBS HK on the amount of compensation to customers who bought Lehman-Link notes structured by DBS. $651 million Hong Kong dollars or about S$115 million will be paid out to some clients who bought these products. The 2160 low risk customers who accept the resolution scheme […]

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Minibond Payout Values

The payout value of the various Minibond series was announced yesterday. Depending on which Minibond tranche you held, the percentage of recovery will range from 21.5% to 70.8%. Tranche Series Percentage Recovery* (%) Series 01 Tranche A (SGD Notes ) 21.5 Series 01 Tranche B (USD Notes) 24.0 Series 02 Tranche A (SGD Notes) 62.4 […]

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Minibond Holders to Get Partial Payout

In what must be the most positive news since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the receivers of Lehman Minibonds, PwC, ¬†announced that they have reached an agreement with Lehman Brothers Special Financing (LBSF) to obtain the underlying collateral of the Minibond notes. This removes the need for any costly litigation. PwC has started the process […]

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