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DBS HK Compensates HK$651m to Clients Who Bought Lehman-linked Notes

Hong Kong authorities have come to an agreement with DBS HK on the amount of compensation to customers who bought Lehman-Link notes structured by DBS. $651 million Hong Kong dollars or about S$115 million will be paid out to some clients who bought these products.

The 2160 low risk customers who accept the resolution scheme will receive their full investment back together with interest. The rest who have a higher risk profile will have their cases reviewed on a case by case basis.

In Singapore, some DBS customers were sold a product High Notes 5 that lost all its value when Lehman Brothers went under. According to a July 2009 MAS report, a total of $103.7 million worth of HN5 were sold to 1,083 retail clients between 30 March and 30 April 2007.

These investors were not so lucky as their Hong Kong counterparts when it comes to compensation. Even though all of them had their cases reviewed individually, the amount of compensation DBS paid out to them amounts to only S$7.8 million out of their original investment of S$84.1 million.

DBS HK unit agrees to pay HK$651m to clients who bought Lehman-linked notes (Channel News Asia)

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