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The Upcoming Death of Unregulated Investments

About one year after MAS did a public consultation on their proposals to enhance safeguards of some forms of unregulated investments, they have studied the responses and are now ready to put this into law. Retail investors in non-conventional investment products will now be accorded the same regulatory safeguards as investors in capital markets products. This […]

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Consultation Paper on Retail Bond Offerings

In Singapore, retail investors have a lack of choices if they want to buy a bond as there are very few bonds that are listed on the secondary (retail) market. Wholesale bonds are denominated in sizes of $200,000 and more. Conservative investors who do not want to invest in the stock markets end up doing one of […]

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Outcome of Securities Market Structure and Practices Review

Six months ago, MAS and SGX issued a consultation paper on some changes to enhance orderly trading and transparency of stocks on SGX. A couple of days ago, they released the results of the consultation: MAS and SGX Issue Response to Consultation on the Review of the Securities Market Structure and Practices If you like […]

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Buying Insurance Directly Without Paying Commissions

Yesterday, MAS announced the features of insurance products that consumers would be able to buy directly from insurance companies without going through an agent and paying commissions (ie lower premiums). This was one of the suggestions that were proposed and accepted in the FAIR review and has been finalized after ten months of discussions with various […]

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MAS to Regulate Unregulated Investment Products

In the past ten years, there had been many companies that offered all kinds of investment opportunities to the public. Companies like Profitable Plots, Genneva Gold, Oil Pods,…The list goes on. Even though the public are sold what are essentially investment products, these are mostly unregulated as they are considered as non capital markets products […]

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