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FAQ on Filing of Claims for Hyflux creditors

Hyflux published a FAQ on the filing of proof of claims yesterday. Based on the FAQ published by Hyflux, we can ascertain the following: CPF/SRS/Nominee/Other depository agent If your holdings are held in nominee/CPF/SRS or other depository agent, they will have to file for everyone as they are the registered owner in the CDP records. You […]

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Feedback to Hyflux Steering Committee

Hyflux Preference Shares

I’m helping one of the committee members collate feedback from investors of Hyflux preference shares or perpetual securities. If you are one of the Hyflux investors, please fill in the poll below by 7 Feb 2019 (2359hrs). Any feedback that you provide would be useful to reflect the expectation of the holders at their upcoming […]

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Notice to File Proof of Claim for Hyflux Creditors

Hyflux just put out a notice today asking for their creditors to file a proof setting out their claim to the company. This includes their trade creditors as well as investors of their notes, preference shares and perpetual securities. This does not apply to Hyflux shareholders. You can download a copy of the notice here: Hyflux […]

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The Final End of Indiabulls Trust

The end of Indiabulls

Just wanted to put up a short and final update on Indiabulls Trust. This post is a bit overdue. 🙂 Recall that previously in Apr 2016, there was a cash offer of $0.25 for shares of Indiabulls Trust. Long term unitholders (about 4%) who accepted the $0.25 offer would have seen a big loss. I had […]

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3 Ways Not to Make Money with Bitcoins

Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are the rage these days. Hardly a day goes by without reading about them in the news or your social media feeds. There are so many articles on bitcoins or other crytocurrencies (for the ease of writing, I will refer to all crytocurrencies as Bitcoins from this point onwards) that I don’t need to repeat […]

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