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Prudential Asset Management Renamed as Eastspring InvestmentsAs

As part of a rebranding exercise, Prudential Asset Management will become known as Eastspring Investments. The change takes place with effect from 14th February 2012 and will provide for a unified brand. The new brand name will replace the different business names currently in use in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United Arab […]

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Launch of PruAsset Guaranteed by Prudential

PruAsset Guaranteed was officially launched by Prudential today. PruAsset Guarantee is a 3-year single premium endowment plan that gives a guaranteed return of 1.4% p.a when held to maturity. The minimum premium is $5000 and it is available for age 1-70 for cash and age 18-70 for SRS. There’s a life coverage of 105% of […]

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Prudential PruUniversal Vantage

Prudential is the latest insurer to offer a universal life product, PruUniversal Vantage. This comes just after Great Eastern Life launched their own universal life product, Prestige Legacy some weeks ago. AIA also has their own universal life product, AIA Platinum Legacy. For those who are not familiar with universal life (UL), this class of […]

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AIA Complete Critical Cover

AIA Complete Critical Cover is a new plan launched recently by AIA to provide insurance coverage against various severities of critical illnesses. The typical 30 critical illness (CI) cover that most people have provides for a claim of 100% of the insured amount in the event a critical illness occurs. The critical illness must be […]

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UOB Life Sold to Prudential

UOB announced yesterday the sale of their life insurance business, UOB Life, to Prudential for S$428 million. Completion of the Sale is scheduled for 31 January 2010 or such other date as parties may mutually agree. As part of the sales agreement, UOB will also start offering Prudential’s life, accident and health insurance products through their […]

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