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Launch of Institute for Financial Literacy

Yesterday, the MoneySENSE Financial Education Steering Committee and Singapore Polytechnic (SP) launched the Institute for Financial Literacy (IFLS). The Institute aims to build core financial capabilities across a broad spectrum of the Singapore population. As the IFLS is a full-time dedicated effort in financial education, it will be able to deliver financial education to the public […]

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Life Policies including Investment-Linked Plans

In this My Money seminar held in July 2009, there was a talk on Life Insurance Policies and Investment-Linked Policies. Following are some points from the session which covered on the basic types of life insurance and the considerations to be made when deciding which is more suitable for yourself. The basic types of life insurance consists of two […]

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Investment Risk Highlights and Three Important Dimensions of Investing

When it comes to investing, investors always have many questions running through their minds and all these questions vary from person to person. Mr David Gerald, President and CEO of SIAS covered the topic  Investment Risks Highlights and 3 Important Dimensions of Investing at a previous My Money seminar. Even before making any investments, we […]

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Making Sense of Unit Trusts

MoneySense has published a pretty useful guide about Unit Trusts for the layman. The purpose of the guide is to help you understand what unit trusts are and what you should consider before investing in them. It highlights the benefits and risks of investing in unit trusts, what you should look out for in the […]

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Difference Between Traditional and Structured Deposits

In this second My Money seminar (held in Feb 2009), Frances Chan from The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) covered the difference between traditional and structured deposits. Here’s a summary of her presentation. There are three types of traditional deposits, namely: Transactional, Special Savings and Fixed/Time Deposits. The financial crisis in 2008 saw many […]

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