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Hyflux Preference Shares 2016

Hyflux Preference Shares

Hyflux recently announced that they will be issuing preference shares (perpetual securities) again. The previous public offer of Hyflux preference shares was back in April 2011. Added 19 May 2016 at 1130hrs : This 2016 tranche is called perpetual securities unlike the 2011 issue which Hyflux called perpetual preference shares. While there are some accounting […]

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The End of Indiabulls Trust

The end of Indiabulls

Indiabulls Property Investment Trust (IPIT) will probably go down in record as one of the worst (if not the worst) property related business trust in Singapore. Indiabulls (IPIT) invests in premier commercial space in India. Shareholders who invested from their IPO in 2008 and held on all the way would have lost almost all their […]

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RIP Dr Michael Leong and Some of His Lessons

Most investors in Singapore would probably have heard of the portal, one of the first few websites on share investing in Singapore. was founded by Dr Michael Leong in 1999. This turned out to be one of his best investments as the site was subsequently sold to SPH in 2008 for $12 million. […]

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Smaller Board Lot Promotions

This week saw the change of the minimum lot size from 1000 to 100 for SGX listed stocks. I partially support this move, as it allows investors to buy shares of companies that might previously have been too expensive. I personally feel there is no need to impose any restriction on lot size and the SGX […]

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2014 Investing and Trading Review – Part 1

I’m back from a long break and I would like to start the year with a review of some of my own personal investing and trading in 2014. This is not something that I have done publicly before but I would like to do it more often if readers like you find it useful. Feel […]

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