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Deferred Savings Scheme for Foreign Workers an Excellent Idea

My letter on foreign worker levies : Benefits of a CPF scheme for foreign workers was published in the Straits Times forum section yesterday. I wrote the letter in response to a speech by Ho Kwon Ping – S’pore ‘must get creative’ on housing, income inequality. He had the same idea about converting the present foreign worker levy scheme […]

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Low Prices Not Cause of Speculative Activity

In response to my letter Share Consolidation Not Helpful which was published in the ST Forum on 09 Oct 2014, Vincent Khoo wrote in and suggested that Share consolidation is good for retail investors. My response to his letter was published on ST Forum yesterday. My unedited letter Low prices not cause of speculative activity is appended below: […]

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Share Consolidation Not Helpful

My letter Share Consolidation Not Helpful was published in the ST Forum on 09 Oct 2014. This is in response to a letter written by Jimmy Ho, President of The Society of Remisiers. Price to pay for ‘good-looking’ mainboard My original unedited letter is as follows: The letter by Jimmy Ho (“Price to pay for […]

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How Do You Define Financial Advice?

A few weeks ago, Wilfred Ling wrote a letter to MAS asking questions on the regulating of investment seminars. MAS responded by asking people to be beware of of those offering financial advice without a license. Both letters can be found here: ST Forum: Regulate investment seminars The reply by MAS left some doubts in my […]

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The Benefits of Portable Medical Plans

My letter on an area of Medishield Life, Push for Portable Medical Plans Needs More Support was published in the ST Forum on 13 June 2014. The same topic was brought up in today’s Straits Times under the opinion page: Giving New Life to Portable Insurance Due to space constraint, I was not able to […]

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