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Hyflux Petition and Contacting Other Hyflux Investors

Petition to Singapore Government

There are many ways that this petition (drafted by a team) could have been written and it is impossible to come up with one that can please thousands of people.

But I want to draw attention to this simple fact again: what is one of the reasons that contributed to Hyflux’s collapse today?

The non-sale of Tuaspring and it’s heavy losses.

When Tuaspring cannot be sold at a good price, there is no cash to pay everyone.  Our job is to state the facts and outline the reasons why the government should intervene.

Being specific does not stop the government from helping in other ways if they see the need to get involved.

Do help to sign and circulate this petition.

Contacting other Hyflux Investors

if you are an investor of Hyflux who wish to connect with other investors, there are two options listed below. Most of the people in these groups are preference shares, perpetual securities or note holders. The equity investors are mostly quiet for now.

1) Telegram chat group :

2) Email mailing list currently maintained by me. This serves as an notification of Hyflux news as well as discussion among the members (ie all members can broadcast to the list). If you want to join the group, please fill in the form below and you will be added within 24 hours:

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Francis Zhanfr says 5 years ago

I will support Hyflux’s restructing plan if the investor is Temasek or GIC, not any foreign investor because we should allow foreigners to control our two most important water taps– the desalination plants and NEWATER, otherwise we have nothing to counter Mahathir’s repeated threat on our water supply. NEWATER is especially important because it is much cheaper to process the water than reverse osmosis.

Gina says 5 years ago

Why goverment or MAS or SIAS allow Hyflux to issue retail bond in SGX, which most of the retail investor don’t know the risk involve. not like corporate bond bank would inform of the risk involve?

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