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Why the Cyprus Bailout Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think

The Cyprus bailout plan could have far greater implications than you think. Will the Cyprus act of taking money from the bank depositors be the start of a loss of confidence in banks in the Eurozone? One thing we know for sure is that depositors in Cyprus will be making massive withdrawals from their banks. […]

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Singapore Budget 2013

The Singapore budget announced a few days ago came with measures to focus on restructuring and promoting a more inclusive society. Restructuring for quality growth Further tightening of foreign worker policies Providing a 3-year transition support package Strengthening productivity incentives Developing capabilities for new growth incentives Companies have been hit by a further increase in […]

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Singapore Population White Paper

A hot topic of discussion in the last few days has been the Singapore Population White Paper. The three desired outcomes of the White Paper are: Sustaining a Core Singaporean Population Creating Good Opportunities for Singaporeans A high quality living environment In the paper, it was outlined that to meet the outcomes, it would be necessary […]

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Singapore Public Sector Outcomes Review 2012

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has just released a report, the Singapore Public Sector Outcomes Review (SPOR). The report takes stock of how Singapore has fared in key areas of national interest, highlights the key trends and challenges facing Singapore and how public agencies are working together to address them. I have extracted out some snippets from the […]

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MAS Dec 2012 Economic Survey

The December 2012 Survey was sent out by MAS on 16 November 2012 to a total of 26 economists and analysts who closely monitor the Singapore economy. This report reflects the views received from 21 respondents (a response rate of 81%) and does not represent MAS’ views or forecasts. GDP growth in Q3 2012 was much weaker than […]

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