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Jim Rogers Q and A at Shares Investment Conference

This is a continuation of Jim Rogers Review at Shares Investment Conference. After giving about 40 minutes of his keynote address, Jim Rogers spent the rest of his allocated time answering questions from the audience. The questions came thick and fast with long queues at the microphones. The answers were also lengthy, and the entire […]

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Jim Rogers Review at Shares Investment Conference

Last Saturday, I was at the Shares Investment Conference 2012 held at Suntec which featured Jim Rogers. The event was quite popular and there was still a long queue of people registering at 9am, which was the scheduled start time. We finally managed to start at around 945am, after everyone finally managed to get into […]

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Solving the COE Price Escalation Problem

It was reported that our March inflation figures (measured year on year) was 5.2%. Part of this increase was attributed to a sharper increase in Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices, which led to higher car prices. We all know that a declining COE supply had led to a huge increase in the prices of COEs. […]

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Singapore Budget 2012

Singapore Budget 2011 was announced by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam last Friday. The full Singapore Budget 2012 can be downloaded here. Apart from the changes affecting companies, what would be some of the changes or initiatives what would affect individual Singaporeans either directly or indirectly? Here’s a quick summary of some of them: An acknowledgement that […]

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Budget 2012 Quiz

MOF has launched a Budget Quiz 2012 to promote greater awareness and understanding of the annual budget process. The quiz comprises a weekly series of 10 multiple-choice questions covering the budget process as well as economic, taxation and social policies. Those who are able to answer all the questions correctly will qualify for a weekly […]

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