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SG Gold Bites the Dust

It seems that another gold trading company, SG Gold, has collapsed. The slump in gold prices was cited as the reason by SG Gold for their closure. A few hundred clients of SG Gold are affected.  When Genneva Gold closed down previously, SG Gold was one of those companies who offered to bail out the investors. […]

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Gold Guarantee CAD FAQ

CAD has recently published a FAQ on it’s investigation of The Gold Guarantee. If you were hoping for useful information, unfortunately you are going to be disappointed. The Gold Guarantee FAQ provided by CAD is essentially a cut and paste job of their earlier FAQ on Genneva Gold. The key messages are: Any questions or disputes should […]

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MAS Investor Alert List Questions

A couple of questions were asked in parliament regarding the MAS Investor Alert List: Whether MAS can take more pro-active measures to enhance consumer awareness of the Investor Alert List (IAL), hence giving consumers the necessary protection in assessing the credibility of gold investment buy-back schemes? How many investors are affected by the investigation into […]

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Gold Trading Schemes Warning

The recent raids by the authorities on Genneva Gold in Malaysia and Singapore have lead to an uproar, especially in Malaysia. The Malaysian authorities have taken a step further and investigated a number of such gold investment companies. The effects are widespread as the investor base is huge. From the number of articles that I […]

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Genneva Gold FAQ by CAD

CAD has published a FAQ page to answer some common questions asked by Genneva Gold customers. The FAQ can be found here: Genneva Gold CAD FAQ Affected Genneva customers can check that page regularly for the latest updates. Any monies and gold currently seized by CAD will have to remain with them until the Court […]

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