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Genneva Gold Raided in Singapore and Malaysia

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Gold trading firm Genneva Gold was raided by the authorities in both Singapore and Malaysia in a simultaneous operation yesterday. In Singapore, the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) moved in to seize documents and computers for investigations. In Malaysia, multiple agencies which included officers from the police, Bank Negara, the Companies Commission of Malaysia and the Ministry […]

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Genneva Gold in the News

This news report on Genneva Gold was broadcasted on Channel 8 last night. For those who do not understand Mandarin, this is the summary: Genneva Gold is in trouble and unable to fulfill its monetary and gold obligations to its customers. Amount of gold involved is suspected to be more than 500kg. Company declined to […]

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Genneva Gold Set to Lose Lawsuit

Genneva Gold, or more correctly known as Genneva Pte Ltd, was recently sued for their failure to return customer’s gold and money. A plaintiff, Lee Bee Ghok, has won an interlocutory judgment against Genneva in the Subordinate Court. The judgement might very well be a hallow victory because based on the latest filings, Genneva has liabilities […]

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Gold Insignia LLP On MAS Investor Alert List

Gold Insignia LLP was recently placed on the MAS Investor Alert list. Gold Insignia LLP (Gold Insignia) 3 Raffles Place #07-01 Bharat Building Singapore 048617 It joins similar companies like Genneva and The Gold Label who were placed on the MAS alert list earlier. All three companies offered gold investment buyback schemes that offered investors […]

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Genneva Gold

Someone sent me a question to ask me about Genneva Gold Sdn Bhd. According to the information on the website, Genneva Gold sells you Gold Bullion at a 2% discount to the market price with a buy-back guarantee. At the end of one month, the buyer can Sell buy the gold to Genneva Gold at […]

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