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Who Needs to Pay Additional Premiums for Medishield Life?

Yesterday, MOH released the list of pre-existing conditions that would require a person to pay additional premiums. The extra premiums required would be 30% of the Medishield Life premiums for the next ten years. The list is as follows: (The left column shows the list of conditions while the right column gives some examples of conditions […]

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Household Check for Medishield Life Subsidies

For the soon to be launched Medishield Life, lower and middle income families will be receiving some subsidies to help cover the increase in premiums. Eligibility Criteria for MediShield Life Premium Subsidies for Lower- to Middle-Income Households Have a household monthly income per person of $2,600 or less per month; and Annual Value of residence […]

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Rising Health Insurance Premiums in Singapore

One big factor determining the amount of insurance premiums charged by insurance companies for providing medical benefits is the amount of claims that they are paying out. With all other factors unchanged, a rising number of claims as well as higher average claim amounts will lead to rising premiums. The rising number of claims and claim amounts can […]

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Of Medishield Reserves and Its Loss Ratio

medishield reserves and loss ratio

Reading the recent Parliament discussion on our Medishield reserves and its loss ratio got me thinking…and writing. Insurance Loss Ratio From an insurance point of view, a loss ratio is defined as the ratio of what an insurance company pays in benefits and associated expenses (such as adjustments) to what is collected in premiums, expressed as […]

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Full Medishield Life Report

The Medishield Life Review Committee has just released the full Medishield Life Report. For the full Medishield Life report, you can download it here: MediShield Life Review Committee Report Final (full report) Medishield Life at a Glance (2-page summary in 4 languages) If you haven’t already done so, you will also want to read my Medishield […]

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