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Household Check for Medishield Life Subsidies

For the soon to be launched Medishield Life, lower and middle income families will be receiving some subsidies to help cover the increase in premiums.

Eligibility Criteria for MediShield Life Premium Subsidies for Lower- to Middle-Income Households
  • Have a household monthly income per person of $2,600 or less per month; andMediShield Life logo
  • Annual Value of residence is $21,000 or less; and
  • Individuals who own multiple properties will not be eligible.

No application for the subsidies is required, as existing information in Government databases will be used to determine your subsidies.

However, as some of the information in official records may not be fully updated, you may wish to verify your household members using the online Household Check tool here: 

Household check for Medishield Life Subsidies

This will help to ensure that you and your family members receive the correct amount of Premium Subsidies for which you are eligible.

Today (19 June) is the last date to verify your household members so you may want to do it today if you haven’t done so. Only one member in each household is required to do so.

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