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Singapore Budget 2013

The Singapore budget announced a few days ago came with measures to focus on restructuring and promoting a more inclusive society.

Restructuring for quality growth

  1. Further tightening of foreign worker policies
  2. Providing a 3-year transition support package
  3. Strengthening productivity incentives
  4. Developing capabilities for new growth incentives

Companies have been hit by a further increase in the foreign workers levy, which has exceeded $1000 in certain categories. Those companies that are unable to restructure will not be able to survive.

To offset this increase, companies can rely on the transition support packages and also the productivity grants. But ultimately, they will need to find a way to reduce their reliance on foreign workers.

Building a more inclusive society

  1. Promoting social mobility
  2. Sustaining a fair and progressive tax system
  3. Strengthening social safety nets
  4. Providing direct assistance for cost of living

Individuals will be able to get more GST vouchers, 30% tax rebates (up to $1500) or 50% for aged 60 and above, the usual S&C and utility rebates, higher workfare income coverage and $200 Medisave topup for those aged 45 and above.

However, there will be higher car and property taxes, which will affect more of the higher tier categories.

For more details, you can refer to the full budget text and summary which can be downloaded below:

Singapore Budget in Full (pdf)

Singapore Budget 2013 in brief (pdf)

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