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PM Lee on Lehman-Linked Products

Finally, we receive some positive statements from our leaders. After more than a month, PM Lee Hsien Loong first comments on the incident was reported in today’s Straits Times. It will be handled fairly – Straits Times This report by BBC on the “house of cards” that finally collapsed is also worth listening to: BBC feature […]

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Hong Lim Park Speech 25 Oct 08

For the third Saturday in a row, investors of structured products (Minibond, Jubilee, High Notes) turned up at Hong Lim Park to gather and listen to Mr Tan Kin Lian. 500 Protest Lost Savings Straits Times Tan Kin Lian Speech (Part 1) Tan Kin Lian Speech (Part 2) Tan Kin Lian Speech (Part 3) Complaints […]

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Lehman Minibond Investor Forum Videos

Someone pointed out to me some videos that might be useful for those meeting up with their financial institutions. However, note that these videos were recorded in a Lehman Minibond investor forum in Hong Kong and thus are in Cantonese. Unfortunately, I don’t know Cantonese myself so I’m unable to provide a summary. Things to […]

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DBS High Notes 5 Compensation

DBS just released an announcement on their compensation offer for investors affected by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers on 15 September, we have been deeply concerned about DBS customers in Singapore and Hong Kong who have invested in structured products with Lehman as a reference entity and understand the […]

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Hope for Lehman Minibond Investors

After so many weeks, Lehman Minibond investors finally have some good news to cheer about.  This concerns the finding of a new swap counterparty. Two international financial institutions licensed by MAS to operate in Singapore (has on today) submitted to HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Singapore) Ltd their proposals to restructure the Minibond notes. If accepted, their proposals […]

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