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DBS Launches Yuan Products

Following in the footsteps of HSBC, DBS has launched a series of Renminbi products to cater for the demand for the Chinese currency. These include fixed deposits and currency-linked investments. Interestingly, DBS has emphasised on the risks of investing in their Yuan product. The offshore yuan (CNH) is actually less liquid compared to the onshore […]

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Trade Securities Via OCBC Internet Banking

It appears that OCBC now allows their OCBC Securities customers to trade stocks by using their OCBC internet banking login. This can be done by linking the OCBC bank online account to the OCBC Securities trading account. DBS had done something similar in the past with a linkage which also comes with a cash upfront […]

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DBS High Notes Suit Dismissed

215 investors of DBS High Notes 5 who lost their money in the complex instrument had their suit against DBS dismissed by High Court Judge Lee Seiu Kin. The investors had argued that there were inconsistencies in the product’s base prospectus and pricing statement. Justice Lee agreed with DBS that three of the formulas used […]

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IPO Fever

You know that IPO fever is on when IPOs becomes one of the common dinner conversation topics with different groups of people. GLP, MIT and China related companies. Everything seems to be hot – even SIA bonds and DBS preference shares. We are in a period of low interest rates. This encourages borrowing and puts […]

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DBS Preference Shares 2010

DBS Bank will be offering a new tranche of preference shares for subscription. Up to S$500,000,000 in aggregate liquidation preference of 4.70% non-cumulative, non-convertible and non-voting preference shares callable in 2020 in the capital of DBS Bank will be offered, with an option to increase the offer to up to S$800,000,000 in aggregate liquidation preference […]

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