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Falling Corporate Bond Prices

We all know that the price of bonds has an inverse relationship to the movement of interest rates. When interest rates goes down, the price of bonds goes up, and vice versa. The longer the duration of the bond, the greater this effect will be. Therefore, we have seen a bit of a rally in […]

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An Introduction to Credit Default Swaps

An understanding of credit default swaps is essential in order for you to understand the workings of credit-linked notes or structured products. In this post, I will give a brief introduction to credit default swaps.  But first, we need to know what a bond is. A bond is simply a debt obligation of a company. […]

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What Exactly Are Preference Shares?

Based on the questions received from my previous post on the OCBC preference shares, I think it will be good for me to elaborate more on what preference shares or preferred shares really are. Preference shares really behave more like a bond than normal shares. Let’s first look at what a normal share is. A […]

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