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Credit Linked Notes Gathering

There will be another gathering this Saturday for affected victims of structured products (Minibond, DBS High Notes, Pinnacle, Jubilee) organised by Tan Kin Lian.

Date of Gathering: 22nd August 2009
Place: Speaker’s Corner, Hong Lim Green
Time: 5.00 pm


1. Speech by Tan Kin Lian
2. Hold placards with messages
3. Sign petition (for those who did not sign online)
4. Talk to other investors at the gathering

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PN Investor says 12 years ago

Are there any holders of PN Notes 6 or PN 7 here.
What do you intend to do now that it had defaulted.

I have submitted a complaint to the bank but they rejected it.

Intend to complaint to fidrec

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