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First Batch of Singapore Savings Bonds Available Today

The first batch of Singapore Savings Bonds will be available for purchase at 6pm today.

First-Batch-of-Singapore-Savings-Bonds-Available-TodayFor more details of the yield, you can check the SSB website from 330pm onwards.

Roughly, it should be around:

1 year – 0.99% p.a.

2 years – 1.11% p.a.

5 years – 2.17% p.a.

10 years – 2.85% p.a.

The yield of 2.17% p.a. given to you for holding the Singapore Savings Bonds for 5 years also means that products such as this LIC 5-year endowment giving 1.92% p.a. are no longer attractive.

The application process can be found here: Applying for Singapore Savings Bonds

Edited on 02/09/2015 : 

My earlier estimates of the yield was a bit high. The actual rates are as follows:

**At the end of each year, on a compounded basis

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