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Get $100 From Maybank

Maybank is currently having a credit card promotion. From now till 31 December 2008, simply apply for any Maybank Platinum Credit Card and enjoy

  • 10-Year Annual Fee Waiver
  • S$100 cash credit to your Card Account upon your first card spend within one month of receiving your Card

This promotion is available for new applicants who do not hold any Maybank Credit Card(s) and/or have not cancelled their Maybank Credit Card(s) within 3 months prior to this promotion. Each new Cardmember is entitled to S$100 Cash Credit only, regardless of the number of new Maybank Credit Card(s) applied.

For more details and application, you can visit the Maybank website.

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nick says 15 years ago

i think Maybank cannot affort the 100 dollar cash credit. many of my friends applied has been rejected.

    lioninvestor says 15 years ago

    Hi Nick,

    This is interesting. The usual credit card application requirements should apply.

Jasmin says 15 years ago


Under * which says “15% p.a. interest rate will apply when Cardmembers pay promptly, otherwise it will be converted to 24% p.a. until such time when a clean payment record is maintained for 6 months. 15% p.a. is applicable to purchases only. ”

I don’t understand the above.

    lioninvestor says 15 years ago

    Hi Jasmin,

    This is referring to the interest charged on the credit card when you rollover the cc debt.

    Always pay off all outstanding balance in full and this will not apply to you. This is essential if you are using any credit card.

    For more tips on handling debt, refer to this post:

    The credit card, if used properly, can be a source of free credit and help in your cashflow. If used badly, it can lead to a lifetime of debt.

CQ says 15 years ago

Jasmin, why do you say that? Is there any red flag that you spotted?

Jasmin says 15 years ago

Please read the small print t&c very carefully first before signing up this card.

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