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HK Brokerage Offers Full Refund to Minibond Investors

In a breakthrough in Hong Kong, brokerage firm Sun Hung Kai Investments has offered to buy back 100% of the Minibond that they sold. This could open the floodgates for other financial institutions to follow suit.

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In Singapore, Minibond investors who did their transactions with stock broking firms are not so fortunate.

According to the statistics released by MAS, out of 535 complaints which have been already decided, 1% (5) have been offered a full refund, 2% (11) have been offered a partial (>50%) refund and 10% (54) have been offered a token refund (<50%).

The rest of the 87% (465) had their complaints rejected. They will have to take their case to FIDreC if they want to advance their case further.

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