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Landbanking Scam in Canada

Received this message from someone in Canada warning about a landbanking scam sold to investors here.

land banking scam CanadaNames have been removed to prevent lawsuits.

While I can’t confirm the validity of this warning, the moral of the story is to always check with the locals before going ahead with any overseas investment opportunities.

I am writing to you from Ontario Canada.

The purpose is to alert you to a very underhanded and sneaky landbanking operation that seems to target folks in Malaysia/Singapore!

Co-partners xxx and yyy are peddling a development called bxxxxx in Ontario. I have read that people have invested up to $130,000 per acre on the promise of short high returns. Not the case…property is located in a very rural community with primarily low income people. Nobody will ever buy future homes on this land!!! Its an abandoned cow farm in a terrible location.

Please, warn your contacts but keep my name confidential, these are dangerous men.

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Gill Malouf says 4 years ago

Hello, I am attempting to contact clients of Terrafirma Development Corporation. Please can you contact Geoff Bird, a journalist from Nova Scotia who is investigating potential fraud concerning Forest Lakes Country Club. Also any investors in UK landbanking firms: Glenridge Group, Land International Ltd group, Hambrook & Greenstock and Hayden James Land Acquisitions. For the Canadian investment in Geoff Bird can be contacted via fb messenger and twitter. His email address is [email protected] I would also suggest doing internet searches on the names Donald Marr, Bradley Michael Marr (deceased) and Rodney Marr

audrey says 9 years ago

Dear Martin,

Is it bxxxle xxxk in oxxxxxx?

jovi says 9 years ago

i think i know which project is this..the company is axxxxxx right ? my aunty invested in the project since 2010 n yet to see any results..the last i heard was they put up a tender for developers who are interested in the development ..they wish to sell at 200k/acre..

    jovi says 9 years ago

    sorry..correction.. they wish to sell at 240k/acre..i’ve warned my aunty on this as she is not well versed with the investment..i had done some homework myself and found out at the land which was being marketed to them were at least 8x higher..hope that she could even break even on the investment..which might take a long long period of time…

James says 9 years ago

Hi Lion,

Btw have u heard anything or know anyone who has invested in Aquarena Heights land banking in Caldwell County, Texas, USA ? A friend is involved with it .

Ruth Gardner says 9 years ago

Would this be The Profitable Group that are in deep deep trouble not only for their scam on land development but also for their scam on Boron?John Andrew Nordmann, his 2nd wife Gerry Thomas and Tim Goulding, both men have been found guilty of fraud and Gerry was found not guilty.

    Martin Lee says 9 years ago

    Dear Ruth,

    No, this is not Profitable Plots. PP has already been busted and is no longer in operation. I have covered them separately in other blog posts here.

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