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Minibond Victims Interview Wanted

If you are a Minibond investor who is willing to talk to the press, please contact me with your contact details. In particular,

  • The Washington Post is looking for Minibond investors from Hong Kong.
  • Reuters is looking for Minibond investors from Singapore, especially retirees who will face financial difficulties from their losses.

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'minibond' holder says 11 years ago


HK5D says 11 years ago

My wife has contacted the Washington Post reporter and passed onto a few contact point for her in Hong Kong.

Jane says 11 years ago

Much has been discussed on structured products. How about unit trust funds? What are their risks? I’ve a few fund equities and lately I heard that if the fund size gets too small, the fund manager might close the fund permanently. What are your advices?

    lioninvestor says 11 years ago

    Hi Jane,

    If the fund does close due to the fund manager deciding to do so, you will still be able to get back your money based on the NAV.

    Sometimes, they will also offer you an option of switching your money over to another fund they have.

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