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NTUC Income Capital Plus Promotion

This post is for the 2008 tranche of Capital Plus. For the June 2018 tranche, you can refer to this post:

NTUC Capital Plus June 2018

NTUC Income yesterday announced the launch of their Capital Plus Promotion. Anyone currently holding a NTUC Income policy is eligible for this promotion.

This product is suitable for policyholders who are looking for a savings plan with a time horizon of 2 years which gives them guaranteed returns and protect their savings at the same time.

Period of Offer

The Capital Plus will be available from 9 Dec to 19 Dec 2008 or when total subscription of $200 million has been reached, whichever is earlier. Judging from the previous Capital Plus promotion which was fully taken up, you are encouraged to act fast if you are interested.


Guaranteed interest rate of 2.0% p.a. over a 2 year period. As an illustration, every $10k invested will get back $10404 upon maturity.

The minimum single premium investment is set at $30,000 (increase in multiples of $5,000) and is available for both cash and SRS.


  1. If you surrender the plan before maturity, you will not get 100% of your money back. For example, if you surrender the plan after 1 year, the recovery is 97.92% of your capital.
  2. As the plan is designed to be safe product, your funds will not be used to purchase any “toxic” or risky assets. Instead, they will be used to purchase bonds identified by NTUC. Irregardless of the performance of the bonds, NTUC guarantees the return of your principle and 2%p.a.
  3. While this plan behaves closely to a fixed deposit, it is not one and thus does not fall under the deposits guarantee offered by the government. Nevertheless, insurance companies are required to hold their policyholder’s funds in segregated accounts.

In a nutshell, your main risks are:

  1. Liquidity risk – money stuck for 2 years
  2. Credit risk of NTUC Income

A copy of the FAQ can be accessed below.

Capital Plus FAQ

To apply for this product, you can contact your own personal NTUC representative. Alternatively, if you like me to process the application for you, I will be happy to do so as well (Click here to arrange for a meeting with me).

Update: Minimum amount is now $10,000 and the plan is available to non-policyholders as well.

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CC Lim says 12 years ago


Just received news from friends that the NTUC Income Capital Plus Promotion has extended its deadline to 29 Dec. My friend however did not indicate whether the extension still stands if the subscription for the fund of $200 million has been reached. Just wonder does anyone of you knows the reason for the extension – poor take up rate or NTUC is being generous to give us, risk averse investors, slightly better deal than the banks.
Thank you.

    lioninvestor says 12 years ago

    I don’t have the official numbers but I think it is likely that they have not yet reached the $200 million.

Capital Plus Updates says 12 years ago

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