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NTUC Income OrangeAid

OrangeAid, NTUC Income’s new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, is pleased to introduce OrangeAid Round up – an inaugural fund-raising campaign involving policyholders.

OrangeAid is inspired by Income’s belief that every child, regardless of background, should have equal opportunities in life. Now, you can take part in this meaningful programme to help them!

Through fund-raising and volunteerism, children and youths will be empowered to dream beyond their circumstances and achieve their dreams. The beneficiaries in OrangeAid include (but are not limited to):

• Moral Home for Disabled
• Singapore Children’s Society
• Assumption Pathway School
• Sunshine Project

You can create a big impact through the simple act of opting into this programme. Every little contribution made by you and other policyholders will add up towards a significant collection for our beneficiaries.

Be part of this worthy cause by rounding up your policy premium amount(s). For example, if your current premium is $68.50, round it up to the next $5 and your policy premium will become $70.00. The additional amount will be donated to OrangeAid.

From 1st March 2011, selected life policyholders on Giro payment mode will be receiving information on “OrangeAid round-up” and they will be encouraged to round-up their premiums to the next $1, $5 or more.

Alternatively, policyholders can make a one-time donation via Credit card or cheque to OrangeAid’s beneficiaries as well. This mode of donation applies for non-life policyholders and general public.

For more information or to download the donation form, visit

Customers can also call the OrangeAid hotline 6782 2002 or email them at [email protected] for enquiries.

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lioninvestor says 13 years ago

Quite interesting to see all negative comments on this PR stunt.

Probably their campaign would be better received if they had done contribution matching.

Daniel P says 13 years ago

I am wondering who appointed him, if I am not mistaken, he was Prudential CEO and he earned so much he retired after just a few years working there ?

The Watchman says 13 years ago

This guy is sly, an actor and chameleon. If you know him well he isn’t what he is trying to do.
My advice to him is start reveiwing all the par products and reduce the cost so that the return can be improved and insurance cost can go down. If he is sincere reduce the commission and his and other senior managers’ salaries to bring these products up to the same level as his predecessor. The crap people before profit. Trying to look good at others’ expense. This is not the first time. Remember the best kept secret when he used his predecessor’s backside skin for his face and also ‘honesty is the best policy. Where is the yearly yeild in the BI which was in the old BIs of his predecessor. Walau, everything he dares to say without feeling shameful. Round up? he rounded up his own salary to the millions.
Restore the bonus,,,..he should round down his salary and donate it to children’s charities if he is so passionate instead of crying crocodile’s call. He should be a director or an actor with Media Corp.

Nuts says 13 years ago

This is the best PR marketing campaign — paid for by policyholders themselves. I wonder how much those richly paid people in the organisation are setting aside from their monthly pay, bonuses and commissions into this fund raising?

Hmm, their wholelife still giving only 0.7% bonus since 2008??

No thanks, I’d rather continue donating directly to worthy homes and charities than to go thru this PR stunt.

singaporean says 13 years ago

You must be kidding! After unilaterally reducing our bonuses surreptiously and lying to us about peace of mind when we have nightmares now due to the underhanded and sly policies changes you still have the nerve and the audacity to try to look like a saint by using your sly tactics to milk more of our money to make you look good?
Why, I think this foreigner should make a good politician, all the qualities of twisting and turning every evil action into a saintly one should qualify him to be a successful politician for many years, until the truth prevails after decades of lies.

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