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Open Forum with UOB Kay Hian

Posting on behalf of UOB Kay Hian Investors Group

We would like to invite all investors who have invested in the Lehman Brothers Minibonds, Merrill Lynch Jubilee and Morgan Stanley Pinnacle Notes through UOB Kay Hian (UOBKH), to participate in an open forum with UOBKH.

This invitation is open to investors regardless of whether you have or have not attended an interview with UOBKH. We are going to request for Mr Hwang Soo Jin, the independent party appointed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to oversee UOBKH complaints process, to be present at the forum, as we are keen to share our concerns with him.

We have set an agenda for the forum and are extending this invitation to gather as many investors as possible. We believe that with more investors attending this forum, UOBKH cannot ignore our request and will consider more seriously the appeal of all affected investors.

Please submit your name (with some proof that you have invested in one of the above-mentioned notes through UOBKH), your email address and contact number to Mr Ang Soo Cheng at [email protected] by 5 November 2008.

The date for this forum is not yet confirmed, as we have to arrange this with UOBKH. You will be advised when this arrangement is finalised.

Jimmy Liaw
On behalf of the
UOB Kay Hian Investors Group

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lioninvestor says 11 years ago

From what I know, the FIs (except for DBS) have not accepted any requests for open forums so far.

If I know of any updates, they will be posted.

Investor Forum says 11 years ago

When the meeting with UOBkayHian is determined will it be posted in this forum?

Eng Jee Keow says 11 years ago

My wife have been called for an interview on 07.11.08 at 10.30am at UOBKayHian.
Keep me inform on any meeting with UOBkayHian

Lay says 11 years ago

Anybody has any idea about ABN Amro Group? I don’t seem to see anything relating to this group. I emailed someone who was said to be the volunteer for this group but received no reply.

If anybody has infor about this group, please advise. Thanks alot!


Kenneth says 11 years ago


Phillips Security investor group has sound out Philips Security for a open forum with 80 interested investors. [Names were not given to Phillips Security] Proposal was requested last thursday and rejected on Monday.

Understand Maybank and other broking houses are also turning down open forum.

Phillip Security investors group is also considering alternative method to ask for an open forum this Saturday.

Do bear in mind that a big part of DBS HN 5 investors have already received rejection letters even though they have attended the open forum. DBS looks like wanting to move most of the 1400 investors mis-sell cases to FIDReC.


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