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SGX Implements Customer Account Review

SGX has been quick to implement the Customer Account Review as required by the new MAS regulations.

I was surfing through their website yesterday when I found that module, as well as other online modules for investor education.

According to the system, the account review information will be shared with your stock brokers, who will then access whether you can trade specified investment products, which will include the following:

  • ETF
  • Warrants (not issued by the company)
  • ETN
  • Certificates
  • Futures
  • Options

Unfortunately, the SGX website seems to be down at this moment so I can’t share the link.

In fact, I had problems accessing the website for the whole morning. Overwhelmed with too much traffic perhaps?

And STI is down about 75 points at this moment as I write this.

Update : The link to the customer account review is here.

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Nuts says 8 years ago

Salesmen & saleswomen now trying to beat system by getting their victims to do 6 transactions in ILPs and UTs. Just buy/sell and switch using MMFs. By 1st Jan 2012, all these victims are considered seasoned investors and exempted from CKA liao.

The Watchman says 8 years ago

Other FIs like insurance companies are waiting for the deadline to come then implement. Meantime to beat the deadline their salesmen are urged to quickly sell, peddle as much as possible before they cannot anymore.You can see truthfulness of these companies.CKA is good for the customers and good for the advisers because it promotes win win but companies only want win for themselves and their salesmen.

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