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POEMS Unit Trust Platform Promotions

Remember the Zero sales charge for bond fund article that I wrote previously? Apparently, POEMS are running a similar promotion for their bond funds as well where you can buy a selection of bond funds at 0% sales charge. The POEMS 0% sales charge promotion runs till 31 August 2012 but I am keeping my […]

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DBS Cuts Sales Charge for Unit Trusts

DBS has recently started taking drastic steps to gain market share in the sale of unit trusts. They have implemented a 1% sales charge policy on the sale of any unit trusts under their platform. This rate is even more competitive than the 2% or 1.5%  found in other online unit trusts platform providers. In […]

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Removal of Funds from CPF Investment Scheme

With regards to unit trusts, CPF monies can only be used to buy funds which are included under the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS). The number of funds that can be purchased with money in the Special Account (SA) is much fewer than the number of funds that can be bought using money from the Ordinary […]

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