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db Australia SSA Bonds Total Return Index ETF

Deutsche Bank db x-trackers has listed the first worldwide Australia Bond ETF on SGX.

The ETF (K6Y SP), which is tradable in AUD, tracks the Australia SSA Bonds Total Return Index which reflects a portfolio of AUD-denominated bonds. The index has a yield of 5.21% and a duration of 4.18.

australia-bondThe Index aims to be representative of the domestic Australian bond market and intends to reflect, via a rules-based methodology, the economic performance over time of a notional dynamic portfolio of AUD-denominated bonds issued by Australian Sovereigns, foreign sovereigns, supranational organizations, sovereign agencies or local government authorities meeting the relevant eligibility criteria.

Underlying bonds must meet certain eligibility criteria including but not limited to having a notional amount outstanding of at least AUD 100,000,000 and a time remaining to maturity of one calendar year at the monthly re-balancing date. The Index is published in AUD by Deutsche Bank AG, acting through its London Branch and has a base date of 31 December 2003.

All-in Fee (p.a.) : 0.25%
SGX Code : K6Y
ISN : LU0494592974
BBG Code : K6Y SP

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