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Estimated Hourly PSI Readings

The haze situation in Singapore is now very bad, with a peak reading of 321 (based on NEA’s 3-hourly PSI readings) yesterday night.

Even though NEA publishes hourly updates of the PSI readings, the readings are based on 3-hourly averages, which does not give us information on the latest hourly reading.

I have taken NEA’s readings to derive an estimation of the latest hourly PSI reading. If a peak occurs, the table will provide you with more time to take the necessary precaution.

Hope my readers will find this useful.

If you can’t see the table above, you may also see the hourly PSI estimate using this link:

Hourly PSI update

[important]Update : It seems that my earlier method of estimating the hourly PSI readings is not a good representation of the actual PSI readings when the values change by a huge amount. A jump of more than 100 points in the 3-hourly average is a huge amount. I suspect NEA’s calculation is not based on a simple moving average. Hence, I will not be updating the hourly readings any further.[/important]

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