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Top 10 Common Myths of Singapore Healthcare

As part of MOH’s efforts to help the public understand our health care system, they have published a brochure called the 10 top common myths of Singapore Health Care”. The brochure is available in four languages. I would just like to add a few of my personal opinion to the myths which should be read […]

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Increase in Medisave Required Amount 2012

The CPF board announced yesterday that the Medisave Required Amount (MRA) will be raised from the current $27,500 to $32,000 from 1 January 2012 onwards. This is a 16% increase. Since 1 January 2004, CPF members who turn 55 and are able to meet the CPF Minimum Sum are required to set aside the MRA […]

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Take Charge of Your Healthcare Needs

In Singapore, one major concern of everybody is the costs of healthcare. Join this seminar healthcare organised by CPF to gain some insights into the financial and medical aspects of healthcare. There will be speakers from CPF Board and the Financial Planning Association of Singapore to share valuable tips on the the financial aspect of […]

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Complaints about Medisave-approved Insurance Plans

The Ministry of Health (MOH) recently shared with all life insurers that MOH has been receiving complaints on the unprofessional sales and marketing of Medisave Approved Insurance Plans. Previously, I have wrote about this topic at length, such as the Dangers of Switching Shield Plans, and the Twisting of Shield Plans. As a result, MOH wants all […]

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Medisave for Breast and Colon Cancer Screening

Starting from 1st July 2011, we will be able to use part of our Medisave to pay for breast and colon cancer screening. As these two cancers are the number one incidents of cancer for women and men respectively in Singapore, I hope that this new measure will encourage more people to go for the […]

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