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Warren Buffett CNBC Interview November 2011

Warren Buffett recently did an 3-hr interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

During the interview, Warren discussed his thoughts on various subjects like Europe, the housing market and financial institutions that are too big too fail. He also revealed one stock that he has been accumulating. Clue : Harold.

Here are the videos of most of the interview:

Warren Buffett on Europe & Economy

Warren Buffett: How to Fix Housing

Buffett on MF Global

Warren Buffett on Too Big to Fail and the “Harold” Hint

Warren Buffett on why he bought the stock related to “Harold”

Buffett on Investing in Infrastructure and BOA

Buffett: China & U.S. Will Get Along

The various parts of the interview can be found in the links below while the full transcript can be found here:


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