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What Now for Edgeworth Properties Investors?

It was reported in the Business Times that CAD were investigating the company Edgeworth Properties, a land banking company that sold land in Canada.

About 4000 investors from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand had invested more than C$70 million with the company.

It is unknown when CAD started investigations but the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto had issued an order placing 16 of the company’s properties into receivership back in November 2011.

This Grant Thornton website shows all the correspondences and official letters related to Edgeworth Properties.

A steering committee comprising ten investors of Edgeworth Properties have been formed to liaise between individual investors and the Representative Counsel. Out of the ten members, four are from Singapore, two are from Malaysia, three are from Philippines and one is from Canada.

If you are an Edgeworth investor, you might want to contact one of the steering committee members to stay updated about the proceedings. Their contact details can be found in Annex A of this letter to Edgeworth investors.

Categorization of Edgeworth Properties in Receivership

1. Category I – Receivership Properties to be Liquidated

a. Edgeworth Properties – Derrick View Estates Inc.
b. Edgeworth Properties — Ellerslie Ridge Inc.
c. Edgeworth Estates at Manning Drive Phase I Inc.
d. Derrick View Estates Phase II Inc.
e. 1330433 Alberta Ltd.
f. Edgeworth Properties — Jasper Ridge Estates Inc.
g. Edgeworth Properties — Estates at Thompson Lake Inc.
h. Edgeworth Properties — Estates at Thompson Lake (Phase 2) Inc.

2. Category II — Receivership Properties to be Studied

a. Edgeworth Properties — Creekside Estates Inc.
b. Edgeworth Properties — Wolf Creek Estates Inc.
c. 1519560 Alberta ltd. — Blackfolds
d. 1253122 Alberta Ltd.

3. Category III — Construction

a. Edgeworth Place at Heartland Inc.
b. Edgeworth Properties — Heartland Ridge Inc.
c. Edgeworth Properties — Southpoint Landing Inc.
d. Edgeworth Place at Spruce Ridge Drive Inc.

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Mei Ling Lee says a few months ago

Hi, it has been almost 20 years. Is there any update?

John Mark says 11 years ago

Vaughan Minor of Edgeworth Properties lives in London, Ontario in a penthouse apartment in the downtown area at 19 King Street.

He drives a new car in Ontario CVM FCA and is CEO and CFO of some new companies (without addresses and telephone numbers)

Vaughn Minor is also accountant or treasurer of the Progressive Concervative Party headed by Prime Minister Steven Harper and Suzanne Truppe in London North.

You would think the government would do a bankground check first.

Contact Progressive Conservative Party and ask for you money back. Send him a letter to 19 King St. #903 or call him at 226-268-3553.

There might be some extra money he may be able to give you or your parents.

sender says 12 years ago

how about landbanking on the moon?
human nature… tendency to give free money to con artists

any different from women conned by internet love?

    sender says 12 years ago

    human nature is like too trusting of strangers, letting guards down… so a little bit suspicious and cautious dispositions plus check, double-check could have avoided scam artists

      Martin Lee says 12 years ago

      Many times, the person that sold to them are family members or friends too.

    Martin Lee says 12 years ago


    in actual fact, there are people selling land on the moon. And making tons of money.

    rem says 11 years ago

    In the Philippines, the biggest Filipino swindler of all time, Celso De Los Angeles, died a few months ago leaving the claims of thousands of investors in billions of Pesos in limbo. How easy it is for scammers to solicit money and get the gullible to invest in a promise .

    What happens to Edgeworth investors now? Alas, after years of posturing in the financial sector of Canada as a highly bankable company, things turn for the worse.

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