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Worldwide Cost of Living 2012

According to the Worldwide Cost of Living 2012 summary published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Singapore is the ninth most expensive city in the world to live in.

The prices of 160 goods and services were used to calculate scores, using New York as a base with a score of 100. Singapore has a score  of 142, making it 42% expensive than New York.

Ten most expensive cities

  1. Zurich (Switzerland)
  2. Tokyo (Japan)
  3. Geneva (Switzerland)
  4. Osaka Kobe (Japan)
  5. Oslo (Norway)
  6. Paris (France)
  7. Sydney (Australia)
  8. Melbourne (Australia)
  9. Singapore
  10. Frankfurt (Germany)

Ten least expensive cities

  1. Karachi (Pakistan)
  2. Mumbai (India)
  3. Tehran (Iran)
  4. New Delhi (India)
  5. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
  6. Panama City (Panama)
  7. Kathmandu (Nepal)
  8. Algiers (Algeria)
  9. Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  10. Muscat (Oman)

You can visit the Economist Intelligence Unit to download a summary of the Worldwide Cost of Living 2012 report.

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