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Investor’s Guide to Annual Reports and AGMs

sgxThe Singapore Exchange (SGX) recently published two educational guides, An Investor’s Guide To Preparing For Annual General Meetings and An Investor’s Guide To Reading Annual Reports, to enhance retail investor knowledge and improve shareholder engagement at annual general meetings (AGM).

The two Guides are now available in both English and Chinese versions and can be downloaded here.

It’s not mentioned in the guides, but the most important part of the AGM actually happens after the end of the formal proceedings.

And in case you are guessing, no, it’s not the food. 😀

buffet foodNo doubt the majority of the people will be rushing to grab (no exaggeration) the food after the AGM, but this is also the best time for you to talk individually to the management and directors. Ask them your questions, and listen to the replies to the questions posed by other investors.

You might not be able to tell everything with just half-an-hour of personal interaction, but you will definitely be able to get a much better feel of the company compared to before. Sometimes, if a company is not right, you will not even need half-an-hour to find out.

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The links appear to be broken. I suggest you link to the following URL instead:
Thanks for the information!

    lioninvestor says 11 years ago


    Thanks for pointing it out. Will add in your link.

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